Spatial Banking for Apple Vision Pro by UXDA

Design Agency UXDA Spent 1,000 Hours to Design the Banking User Experience for Spatial Computing

London, United Kingdom Feb 8, 2024 ( – UXDA, a pioneering agency in next-gen digital financial services design, has unveiled its vision for the first AI-powered spatial banking app on Apple Vision Pro. This initiative aims to explore the future of finance by designing the banking app interface for Vision Pro that is immersive, personalized, and deeply integrated with future-defining spatial computing technology.

Just a year ago, the hype around the Metaverse led leading banks such as Standard Chartered, HSBC, JP Morgan, and DBS to invest millions in buying virtual land for virtual branches. The willingness of traditional banks to innovate is commendable, but the traditional bricks-and-mortar approach in VR does not make sense. Spatial computing by Apple provides the financial services industry with a more practical direction that is both futuristic and user-centric.

The next digital era of spatial computing, launched by Apple Vision Pro, requires exploring the possibilities of a new platform to make banking better. UXDA agency has conceptualized the first AI-powered spatial banking app in response to the industry’s ongoing search for a more engaging, personalized and secure way to deliver financial services. Leveraging AI, this concept aims to deliver services tailored to individual user needs, providing real-time financial insights, conversational interactions with AI advisors, advanced fraud detection, and much more.

Privacy and focused engagement are the main benefits of the new spatial platform. With Apple’s Optic ID technology, financial operations on the Vision Pro headset can be conducted with unparalleled privacy, ensuring that the banking interface is accessible anywhere, anytime, while remaining visible only to the user. Furthermore, the immersive nature of spatial computing minimizes distractions, enabling users to manage their finances without expensive mistakes.

The spatial banking interface also transcends traditional banking boundaries by offering a comprehensive view of a user’s financial landscape. This is achieved through a multi-modal interaction design, allowing users to simultaneously access various financial insights and tools. From financial snapshots and spending analytics to personalized financial AI advice and AI-generated offers, the spatial interface embraces a holistic approach to managing finances in the digital age.

This project prepared the UXDA team to implement a spatial computing user interface into the digital ecosystem of any of the 150 financial products the company served, including Emirates NBD, Garanti BBVA, Bineo by Banorte, United Arab Bank, Bank of Jordan, GCash, and others. The design of the AI-powered spatial banking vision required the UXDA team over 1,000 hours of research, design, and experimentation, resulting in a multi-sensory spatial banking experience that integrates financial snapshots, goals, context analysis, AI guidance, and other features into a future-ready digital solution.

UXDA’s AI-powered spatial banking concept provides a glimpse into the future, showing what major banking apps could look like in 2030. UXDA designers imagined a future in which banking is not just a necessity but a seamless, integral part of users’ digital and physical lives. By prioritizing user experience and leveraging spatial computing technology by Apple Vision Pro, UXDA is setting the stage for a better future in banking that is more immersive, intuitive, and in tune with digital-native consumers.

UXDA is the world’s only boutique UX design agency focused exclusively on the financial industry, and its commitment to humanizing finance is evident in its innovative design and human-centric approach. UXDA’s product design has been recognized with numerous prestigious awards, such as the Red Dot Design Award, IF Design Award, and A’Design Award, underscoring its role as a pioneer in next-gen digital financial service design.

More information about UXDA’s vision of spatial banking and the detailed case study is available on the UXDA blog and in the motion video on YouTube.

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