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Pegasus Resources' CEO, Chris Timmins, joined Steve Darling from Proactive to announce some exciting developments related to the company's Energy Sands property in Utah.

Pegasus Resources has conducted a comprehensive geological mapping and sampling program in collaboration with Dahrouge Geological Consulting USA, yielding positive results that enhance the understanding of the property's potential.

Over a 13-day period, the program resulted in the collection of a total of 41 samples. These samples have been submitted to SGS Laboratories Services for further detailed analysis. The utilization of the RS-125 handheld spectrometer played a pivotal role in identifying noteworthy samples from various sources, including prospector outcrops, tailings, outcrops, and historical adits.

One standout result from this endeavor is sample ESRS24-037, which displayed a remarkable reading of 7800 ppm, indicating substantial mineralization. This finding underscores the mineral-rich potential of the Energy Sands property and highlights the significance of this geological mapping and sampling program.

Completing this program is a crucial step in advancing Pegasus' exploration efforts. It not only provides valuable insights into the property's mineral resources but also serves as a foundation for informed decision-making as the company continues its pursuit of sustainable resource development.

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