A Kansas Pro Se Dad Is Leading A 12 Month Discovery, Judiciary Holds His Children As Sick Ransom For Bringing Justice Onto Their Family Court Judge Burmaster

Olathe, Kansas Feb 7, 2024 (Issuewire.com) – In the heartland of the nation, a divorced father from Gardner, Kansas is representing himself as an attorney in both the federal judiciary of Kansas and the state courts, taking an incredibly, unconventional approach to restoring justice for his children and their best interests.

The Kansas father of two daughters began reporting alleged judicial misconduct in the Johnson County judiciary south of Kansas City, Kansas in early 2023. A gag order was immediately imposed on him on March 20, 2023. Over the last 10 months since, that father has gotten out from underneath the gag order while its still in place and shows moving freely in the Johnson County District Court system ushering multiple forms of civil action on his once presiding judge Paul William Burmaster, of the Division 14 family court. This is now alongside the fact that the dad also has matters with Burmaster and Chief Judge Charles Droege that has progressed to the United States Courts through multiple civil rights lawsuits filed in the District of Kansas, including case numbers 2:23-CV02536, 2:23-CV02529, 2:23-CV02491, 2:23-CV02471 and 2:23-CV02559. These are federal suits against the Chief Judge of Johnson County, District Family Court Judge Paul Burmaster, several officers of the Court, and the Gardner Kansas Police Department.

The father has been reporting to Media outlets for almost 6 months now from World News Media company to the Las Vegas Alert, coast to coast, that civil judge Paul Burmaster wrongfully removed his 2 daughters back in July 2022. The father’s claims that have not been deemed as non-fact to date is that Burmaster has been using fraud to deceive the family court and silence the father.

The father reports going to the Kansas State Commission on Judicial Conduct in March 2023, when a gag order, titled Doc 262, went into place over him as he was speaking of misconduct in the family court. The father went to the state judicial ethics board and expected relief. The Commission granted him over 70 dockets of purported ethics investigations and then they were all dismissed over the course of the last 11 months.


The pro se dad did not stop pursuing his children. He has taken to TikTok and begun creating viral videos reporting actions of the state court judge involving significant misconduct that has been ongoing in Division 14, attaining views of 10,000 and 20,000 after just one week. The videos are largely convicting of Judge Burmaster’s conduct in the family court. The judge can be seen and heard making oral statements from his bench at the time of the claim that Burmaster wrongfully took the children from the father’s shared custody and care. Burmaster is heard admitting that he was not viewing the father’s evidence exhibits. Kansas state law requires hearings of custody modifications to allow both sides of evidence exhibits. And that besides the fact it’s a constitutional provision! The TikTok account titled “The Kansas Dadvocate” posts several videos per day and is exploding with followers.

Reports indicate the Johnson County judiciary met yesterday to discuss concerns about the potential of exceeding server capacity in anticipation of hearing details being leaked for a hearing on February 7, 2024, in which Family Court Judge Paul Burmaster appeared as a defendant in a protective order case brought against him by the father. That hearing was held at 10:00 AM, and sheriff summons from the county after noon hour shows the county protective case is going to proceed to trial against Judge Burmaster. The father does not even have an attorney and yet still bringing civil action on Burmaster in his own courthouse is largely compelling testimony that indicates Judge Burmaster does not have a solid defense nor judicial immunity that remains.

A largely disturbing set of attorney ethics complaints are found associated with the Escalante vs Burmaster saga. Originally it was reported that Christopher T. Wilson was the only attorney subject to disciplinary hearings in those county cases. On February 7th 2023, Newsbreak Contributor Robert J. Masterson reported on a Johnson County Assistant District Attorney complaint that surfaced. The attorney ethics complaint was submitted on February 6, 2024 with the State Disciplinary Administrator Gayle Larkin, by the undersigned Kansas father. It can be found on Academia.edu as well. https://www.academia.edu/114609863/RE_Jennings It contains a description of events under oath from the father that on July 5, 2023, the Johnson County District Attorney attempted to bring a criminal conviction on the Kansas dad in case 23-DV00908. Which yesterday, it was disclosed to the attorney ethics board, that 23-DV00908 has become suspended, and the father is attempting to move it backward, as it has been unable to convict him. The father’s disclosure states the Assistant District Attorney Andrew J. Jennings shows perjury statements in the crime filing when it occurred almost 10 months ago. The fraud suggestions in the Burmaster debacle are extensive and do not remain just in the Division 14 court. It’s notable to point out, that neighboring Douglas County, Kansas has their district attorney falling to perjury as well, in different matters.

The father, Matthew Escalante’s, overall claim that Judge Paul W. Burmaster wrongfully and illegally removed the father’s children almost two years ago when he began challenging Judge Burmaster’s alleged conduct locally in Division 14 is looking very substantiated. The father explains he had to leave the court after 2022, and now returns with a multitude of civil litigation alongside now with an army of TikTok followers and public pressure. The father’s push appears to be gaining traction.

The most atrocious factor besides fraud is the current judiciary’s leaders penalization of the Escalante children is occurring as retaliation onto the father. The beforementioned federal cases at the beginning of this article speaks of case 2:23-CV02536 Escalante vs Droege. The father has trapped the Defendant Chief Judge Charles Droege in that federal lawsuit as a Motion to Stay hovers over it. The Escalante children appear as plaintiffs in the suit. Because in the county court where the custody case lies, a court order from Burmaster now shows Void. Droege pulled Burmaster off of Escalante’s proceedings on Nov. 16, 2023, but right before that Burmaster made an Order Doc 307, that requires Livingston Counseling LLC, out of Leawood, KS to be the third-party responsible for re-integration with the father and his children. However, admissible email evidence has been shown in the high court that almost two months ago, Livingston Counseling LLC, opted out of Doc 307 before it began. The Director contacted Droege and insisted that they were out and that Droege must Amend Doc 307, Droege never did but while holding knowledge he pulled Burmaster and left a void order that separated Escalante from his children.

This story has begun shedding light on the systemic corruption reportedly occurring in the Johnson County family courts. This breathes air into a billowing cauldron of other misconduct seen across the nation’s courts. The Kansas fiasco should be viewed as an S.O.S signal to the Nation of our sick and dying family courts. It warrants further examination by national oversight committees, as clearly, the in-house commissions aren’t doing their job. This great country cannot afford to sacrifice its integrity in the family courts, or all hope is lost for our country’s future. Because if our children suffer from the mistakes of our family court, then the effect will be exponential into their lives and then their children’s. And then we are back to savagery and the dark ages, as far as we’re concerned is what that translates to. We cannot afford to ignore what is occurring in the 10th District Judiciary and the Fraud Upon the Family Court, that One father is alone fighting to restore his children what they deserve but he is uncovering a huge problem that cannot be isolated incident. It is assuredly happening in other judiciaries.

A GoFundMe account has been established and that father is asking for help on the last leg of his Justice journey. The GoFundMe also beginning to take off. We ask the consideration of his account to be taken by all, as the Kansas corrupt family court has the potential to be affecting thousands of children. He is a modern day David taking on a Goliath of the Court. Here is his link: https://gofund.me/8f557004

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