VIRGINIA BEACH, VA – Alta Pest Control, a commercial and residential pest control service provider in the United States, is now utilizing Sentricon(R) with Always Active(TM) technology for termite control in Virginia Beach, VA. This advanced system offers an effective, environmentally friendly solution for termite infestation, ensuring the safety of homes and businesses.

Alta Pest Control’s comprehensive approach to termite control includes thorough house inspections by expert technicians. They meticulously examine properties’ exterior and interior areas to identify potential termite issues and determine the most effective treatment strategies.

The services provided of Alta Pest Control in Virginia Beach involve:

  • Whole-home barrier installation to protect properties from future pest infestations.
  • The Alta guarantees, ensuring homes are safeguarded against destructive pests.
  • Use of professional-grade, eco-friendly products, aligning with the latest technologies in pest control.

Sentricon(R) with Always Active(TM) is a standout feature in Alta Pest Control’s termite management services. This system effectively eliminates termites without resorting to harmful chemicals or traps, offering a safe alternative for families and pets. The service includes a one-year warranty, annual inspections, and maintenance of bait stations as necessary.

“Our adoption of Sentricon(R) with Always Active(TM) in Virginia Beach represents our commitment to innovative, safe, and effective termite control,” says a spokesperson for Alta Pest Control. “This technology aligns with our dedication to environmentally responsible practices while ensuring the highest level of protection for our clients’ properties.”

Homeowners and businesses in Virginia Beach seeking termite control solutions can turn to Alta Pest Control. With the integration of Sentricon(R) with Always Active(TM), the company offers a modern and safe approach to managing termite problems. For more insights on Alta Pest Control’s termite control, please visit their website at

About Pest Control:
Alta Pest Control, established in 2013 by brothers Michael and Chris Langlois, offers pest control services for residential and commercial clients. With a focus on customer satisfaction, they provide safe and effective pest solutions. The company is known for its commitment to quality service and sustainable practices. Alta Pest Control is recognized for its high retention rates and is affiliated with key industry associations, emphasizing its dedication to excellent customer service.

Alta Pest Control is located in Virginia Beach, VA, United States.

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