“Music has the power to make a positive impact on people’s lives,” says Ayesha ziya .

Ayesha ziya says that music has pumped wondrous colours into her so-called boring life where she didn’t really know where to go, and which career to choose going ahead in life. She truly believes that music can be a life changing affair and act as a savior for many who follow it with passion.


She recalls how dwelling deep into the music realm has helped her cope up with challenges and hurdles which she thought she would never be able to cross. “Music has drastically changed my life and helped me come out of my comfort zone and speed ahead at a fast pace to achieve what seemed to be impossible.” Ayesha ziya  has been inspired by many artists who have made their mark in the big,

competitive world of music, and she says that she wants to go a step ahead and achieve much more than what they have achieved.


It’s your passion and undying love towards the craft that can take you to your destination, claims the music artist who’s been working hard, practicing for hours to get that distinct edge which would make him shine bright amongst the pool of talent that are ready to make their entry into the world of music.


According to her, one needs a constant source of motivation to get there, and you need to closely follow the success stories of those who have already managed to conquer a secure place, right at the top. When asked about his experience as a music artist / singer, she says, ‘the response for my work has been overwhelming, with many people including some renowned personalities who have deep knowledge of music appreciating my singing capabilities. It has been a huge morale booster for someone like me who has just stepped into the music realm and is compared to seasoned singers from the music industry. My confidence levels are at their optimum levels, and now I want to go a step ahead in proving my worth by giving my best.”


There’s more to come from this amazing music artist in the coming times. Stay tuned for more on her shortly.


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