New Delhi, Delhi Dec 25, 2023 ( – IPSC Hospital, renowned for its pioneering efforts in minimally invasive painless surgeries, proudly announces the completion of its first 18 months of operation. Founded by the visionary Army veterans, Dr. (Maj) Pankaj N. Surange, Dr. (Maj) Harshita Surange, and Dr. Swati Bhat, the hospital has rapidly established itself as a leader in its field.

A Dream Realized: The Founders’ Vision

IPSC Hospital was born out of a dream to provide patient-centered care focusing on minimally invasive procedures for ASA 1 and ASA 2 surgical patients. Under the able leadership of its founders, the hospital has been performing an impressive 90-100 surgeries per month, showcasing not just medical excellence but also operational efficiency.

Financial Viability and Early Success

Dr. Pankaj N. Surange expressed his enthusiasm about the hospital’s financial health, noting its early breakeven point, swift return to investors, and higher profit margins. This financial viability underscores the effectiveness of the hospital’s operational model and the quality of care provided.

Introducing the Concept of 4S Hospitals

Dr. Swati Bhat elaborated on the innovative concept of 4S Hospitals, which encompasses Small healthcare organizations, Smart Hospitals, Short stay Specialty Hospitals, and Surgical Centres. This comprehensive framework is a testament to the hospital’s commitment to revolutionizing healthcare delivery through specialized and efficient services.

Addressing Challenges Head-On

Despite the success, the journey hasn’t been without challenges. As Dr. Harshita Surange pointed out, one of the major hurdles is the availability of trained doctors capable of managing cases independently. IPSC Hospital addresses this challenge through focused training and education in healthcare management, aiming to develop a robust pool of skilled physicians and surgeons.

Expansion and Growth: The Future Ahead

With substantial experience and resilience gained through various challenges, IPSC Hospital is now poised for expansion. Ms Richa Prasad, Head Operations confidently states that the hospital’s model is foolproof and ready to be replicated in other cities. Dr. Swati Bhat further adds that they are now looking to engage with investors interested in understanding and supporting this innovative healthcare model.

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Source :Surange Healthcare North India Private Limited

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