New York City, New York Dec 25, 2023 ( – Aleutian Equity Holdings LLC is delighted to announce a key development in the legal journey of its Chairman, Roger Bendelac. Building on his considerable success in the case SEC vs. Trends Investments Inc. et. al (Case No. 1:22-cv-10889), where the District Court of Massachusetts, under the wise adjudication of the Honorable Judge Richard G. Stearns, ruled in his favor against the SEC’s Rule 56(f) motion for summary judgment in September 2023, Bendelac has astutely elevated his legal battle to the appellate level.

With a strategic and calculated legal move, Roger Bendelac has launched an appeal in the Court of Appeals, catalogued under Docket #: 23-1790 as of October 1, 2023. This appeal, emerging from the District of Massachusetts, Boston, tackles the intricate issue of venue, asserting that the case was improperly brought in Boston and advocating for a more suitable venue in New York.

This appellate endeavor is a natural progression of Bendelac’s unwavering commitment to challenge the SEC’s stances. Following on the heels of his resounding victory in September, which not only reinforced his legal stance but also demonstrated his exceptional expertise and dexterity in navigating securities and commodities exchange law, this appeal represents a significant new chapter in the ongoing litigation.

Throughout this legal journey, Bendelac has consistently shown a dedication to challenging what he deems as the SEC’s ill-conceived actions. His confidence, greatly reinforced by the September win, conveys his strong belief in the merit of his case and an optimistic outlook on the result of this appeal.

Bendelac’s thoughtful and well-informed approach, combined with his proven track record of legal victories, continues to be a major influence in this high-profile case. The outcome of this appeal in the Court of Appeals is highly anticipated and is expected to be a pivotal moment in the enduring legal clash between Roger Bendelac and the SEC.

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