Using an operations management platform makes sound business sense

Scale-up your business operations with the modules and features now available in new-age workplace analytics and operations enablement platform

Bengaluru, Karnataka Apr 21, 2022 ( – Time management is an essential component for businesses in different industries. However, managers might not have a complete grasp on how to properly manage their time. This can lead to project deadlines being missed, employee productivity dropping, and other issues. This makes a workplace analytics and operations enablement platform a crucial asset. But what is also imperative to understand is that using such a SaaS product can help take a business to the next level, as teams can track the time spent on each task, identify areas where improvement is necessary and continue to work in a hybrid model from anywhere in the world.

If you’re not using a workplace analytics and operations enablement platform, now is the time to start. The improvements you will notice will include:

* Gain insights into staff productivity, set measurable objectives for each of them, and make decisions accordingly on how they are contributing within the company as well to their own growth opportunities.

* Achieve the best results with a team of happy and motivated employees who work at optimum efficiency.

* Ability to maintain priority levels on tasks.

Using a workplace analytics and operations enablement platform isn’t just for a few business sectors. Companies in various industries like banking, retail, healthcare, education, tech and start-ups, consultancy services, etc all benefit from it. It helps establish better workflows and systems among employees while also boosting their productivity in doing business tasks.

ProHance is an Omni-Channel workplace analytics and operations enablement platform being leveraged by enterprises across their back office, chat, and email servicing operations. ProHance provides real-time visibility on how teams are engaged on the ground. This visibility allows enterprises to allocate resources more effectively, load balance across teams, and make smart decisions with agility. The visibility and actionable analytics provided by ProHance help Enterprises make their operations more customer-centric, efficient, and lean.
ProHance is leveraged by 200,000+ users in 150+ enterprises across 24 countries

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