Most Laywers Are Liars

Anonymous business partners sign global book deal to share trade secrets on how to be successful in business under the brand Most Lawyers Are Liars.

Anonymous business partners sign global book deals to share trade secNew Orleans, Louisiana Jan 2, 2022 ( – rets on how to be successful in business under the brand Most Lawyers Are Liars.

The masked duo that goes by the names The Money Guy and The Tax Guy has inked a book deal with Don’t Read in the Dark Publishing, leaking trade secrets about business like a band of thieves committing an inside job. Unquestionably, the pair are about to make a lot of powerful enemies for divulging all of the fiercely guarded classified intelligence, so they must conceal their identities at all times.

The first book in the series will be released on January 25, 2022, on the subject matter of the different types of corporations. This is a must-read if you plan on going into business or wish to expand your business knowledge. The book is overflowing with in-your-face explanations of the different types of businesses without any holding back. The book covers Limited Liability Companies, S- Corporations, C-Corporations, and Non-Profits. It shows how they are set up, function, file taxes, and run to ensure your brand thrives rather than merely survive. More importantly, they teach you how to make money the way only multi-millionaires and billionaires know how – until now.

“We are the Houdinis of the business realm, and everything we touch turns to gold.” says co-founder, The Money Guy.

The Money Guy has worked in venture capital for over 25 years, successfully working with over 18,000 businesses. The Tax Guy has filed over 30,000 tax returns ranging from small businesses to billion-dollar corporations. Together, they have over 50 years of experience and a wealth of knowledge poured into the pages of this book. Only a limited number of copies are being printed, so catch one if you can at bookstores now…

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