OnlineBoss, a major name in teaching industry is proud to announce expending further with the coaching and guiding service to help the NFT world and beginners. @OnlineBoss, who is a crypto and NFT advisor and expert, believes that NFTs are here to stay and have endless possibilities.

Christian, who helped develop and market Sportemon into a $126 million market cap says we are in infantile stages in the NFT market. @onlineboss_ tipped his followers early on about the meme coin craze and helped thousands of people see life changing money very quickly but Christian says the potential for NFT’s is even greater.

About NFT

NFT is a “non-fungible token”, it means that something is different, and is irreplaceable. It can be compared with thing like fiat. Something like USD, Euro, Pound and other currencies can be exchanged, but and you will eventually end up with same in terms of value. If one exchanges USD to Euro, the USD or Euro will still remain, just going to switch hands, not the value. While the NFTs are non-fungible, so if anyone trades it, he/she is going to end up having something totally unique.

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